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Organize your inventory like never before. Categories, locations and different price points.

InvoTracker Inventory List

This is your inventory overview. View your items locations, categories, stock, cost, price points and vendor all from one screen. Sort by each column when needed.

Inventory Locations

  • Add as many locations as you'd like.
  • Each location has its own individual access per user.
  • Restrict your locations as needed with view or modify access, or no access at all.
  • Location access is InvoTracker wide. If a user does not have access to a location, that user cannot add items to an invoice from that location.

Organize Your Inventory Even Further

  • Customize your inventory with categories and units.
  • Categories allow you to group together like items for better organization.
  • Add units to keep track of how an item is stored, such as per case or per foot.
  • Add as many categories and units as you'd like. There is no limit.

Easily Add New Inventory Items

InvoTracker Add Inventory Item
  • Pick your category & location. Only locations the user has write access to will show up.
  • Your item's SKU must be unique for that location.
  • Keep track of the item's vendor & add a description so you know what the item is.
  • Each item can have 3 different price points if you wish. If you only need a normal price, simply leave the after hours and emergency prices blank.
  • Price points allow you to easily switch between prices when creating an invoice.
  • Cost lets you keep track of how much the item cost your company. This is needed for calculating profits.
  • If infinite stock is checked, the item will never run out. This is useful for items you don't necessarily keep in stock, but want to stay uniform when it comes to invoicing.

Connected Inventory and Invoicing

Inventory and invoicing are directly connected. When you add an item to an invoice (not an estimate), it will be subtracted from stock. Don’t worry, it will be added back into stock should you remove the item from the invoice. If the invoice is deleted you will have the option to choose what happens to the items.