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What is InvoTracker?


An informative dashboard keeps you informed and up-to-date as soon as you login with:

  • An interactive mini-calendar.
  • Your local 7 day weather forecast.
  • A sales overview.
  • Low stock inventory items.


The interactive drag and drop calendar lets you stay organized and current on what's happening. Choose from monthly, weekly, or daily overviews with custom event types to see what's happening at a glance.


Never lose customer information again! Aside from the basics such as service address, billing address and contact information, add personalized information for each customer. You pick what you want to keep on file, not us.

Customer Portal

Every time you acquire a new customer, a unique login is generated for them. This enables the customer to login to the customer portal to view their upcoming appointments, as well as view, sign and pay their invoices. If enabled, your customers can also request a future appointment with your approval!


Know what you have on hand at all times. Add custom locations, such as Service Van #1 or the Warehouse, to know exactly where your items are. Only want specific users for specific locations? No problem! Each location has individualized access per user. Inventory works hand and hand with invoicing; when you bill a customer for an item in your inventory, the quantity is subtracted from your stock.


Create personalized estimates and invoices with your company name and/or logo. Need a customer to sign the document as well? Perfect! Send the customer a signature request to ask for their digital signature on your document. Invoices sent via email are in PDF format; the email is tailored to your business with your company logo and contact information.


Service technicians, secretaries, supervisors or whom ever you wish can have their own account. Each user has their own access levels for each module. You decide if they can read and/or modify content in each area. Best of all, add as many users as you wish! There is no limit.

iPad App (Coming Soon!)

Love everything about InvoTracker, but want to take it with you on the go? Awesome, because we do too. The iPad app has the functionally of the web interface, except in tablet form. Send invoices, change inventory and add calendar events all from your iPad. No more manually entering SKU numbers for inventory items with InvoTrackers barcode scanner! Scan the barcode and the SKU number is automatically filled in!

Accept Payments

InvoTracker really is a full package! You can link your account in your settings allowing your customers to pay their invoices right in the customer portal. It couldn't be easier!

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