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Customer Portal

Customer Portal

A place where your customers can view, sign and make payments on their invoices. They can also make an appointment requests in the customer portal.

InvoTracker Customer Portal Dashboard

The dashboard is the first thing your customer see when they login. This shows your customers their upcoming appointments and also their outstanding invoices. They can pay, sign and view the invoice right from the dashboard.


InvoTracker Customer Portal Calendar
  • If enabled, your customers can submit an appointment request (needs your approval).
  • Your customers can see their past & upcoming appointments.
  • All details of appointments are kept hidden unless it is their appointment.
  • The X's on some days represent days that are not available for a request (per your company's settings). However, they can still see their appointments on those days.


  • Your customers can see all of their previous & current invoices on the billing tab.
  • As with the dashboard, your customers can pay, view and sign their invoices from this screen.
InvoTracker Customer Portal Billing


InvoTracker Customer Portal Profile
  • Your customers also have the ability to see some of their information from the profile screen.
  • They can see their name, contact info, billing & service address.
  • They cannot see any custom fields you have added.
  • Your customers can change their username & password from this screen.