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Customer Directory

Customer Directory

Keep track of your customers with custom fields in your own way.

InvoTracker Customers

This is the customer directory module. The fluid, modern layout allows you to focus on what matters – managing and keeping track of your customers.

Information Tab

InvoTracker Customer Information Tab
  • Have both a primary & an alternate phone number.
  • Keep on file both a billing & service address.
  • Add a custom note for each customer.
  • Have as many custom fields as you need to keep track of customer specific information, such as furnace model number or even an additional email address to keep on file.

Customers Invoices Tab

  • View customer specific invoices right from the customer directory module.
  • You can perform the same actions on this module as you can on the invoicing module (edit, send, request signature etc.).
InvoTracker Customer's Invoices

Customers Activity Tab

InvoTracker Customer Activity
  • View your customer specific calendar events all on one list.

Customers Portal Tab

  • Give your customer their portal username.
  • Send your customer a customer portal welcome email inviting them to use your portal. This includes their username and how to retrieve/set their password.
  • Reset your customer's portal password.
  • Enable & disable the ability for your customer to request calendar events and pay their invoices on the portal.
InvoTracker Customer Portal Tab